Fractal Chandelier


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Fractal is a natural phenomenon as well as a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern, displayed at every scale.

The finishes are in stainless steel, brass gold, black or white.

Type: Chandelier
Colours: Black matt, White matt, Stainless steel, Brass grinded
Material: Steel
Design: William Brand
Year: 2015
Typenumber: FRACC100
EU Fittings E14
Lightbulbs: 8
Dimensions: 35cm / 13.8″
Diameter: 100cm / 39″
Weight: 19kg / 41lbs
Comments: Also available in: FRACC80ST, Ø80cm, H35cm, 8x E14, 18Watt, 19KG,
FRACC100ST, Ø100cm, H45cm, 12x E14, 18Watt, 27KG,



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