17 Our Top Product Picks

/01 Megan Sofa by Ceppi (Italy)

Introducing Megan Sofa: Embrace nature’s beauty in simplicity. Its graceful design fits any décor, offering luxurious comfort.

Elevate your living space with this timeless masterpiece by Castello Lagravinese Studio.

/02 Blossom Armchair by Turri (Italy)

The Blossom Armchair stands out for its elegant design, featuring soft lines and delicate corners adorned with exquisite metal details that add a touch of sophistication to any space. Its full padding ensures a comfortable seating experience, and the option to choose between leather or fabric upholstery allows for a personalized touch.

With a variety of finish options available, the Blossom Armchair can effortlessly complement any interior style.

/03 Soul Coffee Table by Turri (Italy)

Elevate your living space with the Soul Coffee Table, a stunning piece that combines elegance with versatility. Choose between a rich walnut wood top or a luxurious marble section, while the sleek Matt Light Platinum metal legs and details add a touch of glamor.

/04 Pinnacle Table by Turri (Italy)

The Pinnacle Dining Table, designed by Huang Quan, seamlessly blends the majesty of nature with exquisite craftsmanship. Its sculptural base draws inspiration from the mountains, creating a harmonious union between the austere beauty of walnut wood and the gentle luxury of leather.

This table is a testament to the perfect balance between form and function, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking both artistry and functionality in their dining space.

/05 Pinnacle Chair by Turri (Italy)

The Pinnacle Dining Chair showcases a captivating modern aesthetic, characterized by its striking wooden support structure juxtaposed with softer, circular elements in the backrest. This fusion of bold and gentle design elements not only adds visual intrigue but also enhances comfort during dining.

/06 Vine Coffee Table by Turri (Italy)

Choose the Vine coffee tables for their versatile options in height and size, catering to various design preferences. Their four-star wooden base, adorned with brushed gold accents and leather inserts, adds a touch of luxury, matching the side tables in the collection.

/07 Megda Sideboard by Sovet (Italy)

Invest in the Magda Sideboard for its unique blend of marble effect ceramic and Sovet’s captivating mirrors, creating a visually striking and precious addition to your space. This sideboard offers a customizable suspended system, allowing you to tailor it to your specific storage needs while adding a touch of luxury to your décor. Elevate your home with the Magda Sideboard’s exquisite materials and flexible design

Cyrano Coffee Table, designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio, is characterized by a playful effect of geometric lines and vibrant material combinations. A coherent alternation of marble and bronzed mirrors presents its sophisticated beauty and lights up the room with its essential features.

A Stunning alternation between marble and mirrors designed to illuminate your space.

/9 Mollie Bed by Ulivi (Italy)

The Mollie Bed is a refined and elegant piece that combines upholstery and stitching to create a sophisticated effect, complete with a generously comfortable headboard.

Choose the Mollie Bed for refined elegance and ultimate comfort

/10 Madison Bench by Ulivi (Italy)

The Madison Bench by Ulivi offers sophistication and functionality with exquisite Italian craftsmanship and timeless design; a must-have for a touch of enduring luxury in your home.

/11 Fly Grace Bed by Ulivi (Italy)

Experience unmatched luxury with the Fly Grace Nubuck Leather Bed, Crafted from solid fir wood with premium leather or fabric upholstery options, and supported by a walnut wood base, it promises both style and comfort for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Choose the Fly Grace Bed for refined elegance and ultimate comfort

/12 Madison Night Table by Ulivi (Italy)

Elevate your bedroom’s ambiance with the Madison night table. This luxurious Italian-made side table exudes elegance, featuring exotic, soft leather finishing and your choice of ebony or walnut veneer top.

/13 Gill Desk by Ulivi (Italy)

The Gill Desk offers a unique blend of functionality and elegance with its clean, upholstered top adorned by practical storage compartments. Its meticulously finished drawers reflect a keen eye for detail, and the desk’s top appears almost suspended, resting gracefully on the hand-shaped solid wood structure. Elevate your workspace with the Gill Desk’s distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship.

/14 Willem Swivel Chair by Ulivi (Italy)

The Willem Swivel Chair embodies timeless elegance with its refined and graceful silhouette, enhanced by a luxurious Capitonné finish.

Its enduring design is customizable with a choice of upholstery finishes, including the finest plume leather, offering both style and comfort.

Consider the Streamline Suspension to infuse your space with a touch of timeless elegance. Inspired by the Streamline Moderne of the 30s, its long lines and distinctive design create a stylish ambiance that stands out in curated interiors. With gold-plated brass tubes, this suspension light offers an exclusive, deluxe aesthetic, perfect for those who appreciate rich materials and art-deco-inspired design.

The Crystal Rock Table Lamp, featuring Swarovski® Crystals and multiple stylish metal finishes, effortlessly adds a touch of luxury and versatility to your decor.

/17 Filicudi Chair by Qeeboo (Italy)

The Filicudi Chair invites you to embrace the essence of the Mediterranean with its design inspired by the iconic prickly pear plant. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers a unique blend of functionality and style. With Filicudi, you can recreate the unforgettable sceneries and relaxing moments of the Mediterranean in your own space, making it a must-have for design enthusiasts seeking a touch of Mediterranean charm.