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Megan Sofa 00 (Website)
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Megan Sofa

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200 x 115 x 85 H (cm); Seat Height: 41 H (cm)
78.74″ x 45.27″ x 33.46″ H; Seat Height: 16.14″ H
240 x 115 x 85 H (cm); Seat Height: 41 H (cm)
94.48″ x 45.27″ x 33.46″ H; Seat Height: 16.14″ H
280 x 115 x 85 H (cm); Seat Height: 41 H (cm)
110.23″ x 45.27″ x 33.46″ H; Seat Height: 16.14″ H

Structure: Solid fir Wood.
Upholstery: with differentiated density, lower backrest in Cuoiette leather, and seat in polyurethane foam and memory foam. Fabric in different finishes.


Ceppi, is a household name in the high-end furniture field worldwide, having started over 40 years ago as a small artisan workshop in the heart of the well-known Brianza area. The concept was developed by the visionary entrepreneur Mr. Claudio Ceppi, the founder, ensures the same high standards of sophistication and refined style which have been associated with the “Ceppi Style” name for nearly a century.

Megan Sofa is the latest addition to our Evergreen collection. Embrace the tranquil beauty of nature as it gracefully reflects in the simplicity and authenticity of our Megan Sofa. With its graceful contours and impeccable clean lines, this sofa effortlessly harmonizes with any décor. Experience pure indulgence as you sink into its generous and luxuriously plush seat, immersing yourself in ultimate comfort. A true style icon, Megan will elevate the ambiance of your living area. Designed by the renowned Castello Lagravinese Studio, this masterpiece blends timeless elegance with contemporary allure.

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