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Andres Bench

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160 x 43 x 47 H (cm)
63″ x 16.9″ x 18.5″ H


Bench with striped gray wooden structure, metal legs with cloudy gold finish.


Zanaboni Edizioni is a branch of the renowned Italian furniture brand, Zanaboni, specializing in creating exclusive and limited edition furniture pieces. Known for its emphasis on craftsmanship and artistic details, Zanaboni Edizioni produces high-end, artisanal furniture with unique and intricate designs. Their creations feature hand-carved details, precious materials, and exquisite finishes, resulting in elegant, luxurious, and timeless furniture pieces.

The Andres Bench, skillfully designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio, exudes an elegant charm tailored to harmonize with other components within the Andres collection. This bench is crafted for bedrooms that embrace a modern and enduring aesthetic, complemented by exclusive accessories boasting unparalleled design. The style embodied in Andres furnishings is a fusion of meticulous research and tradition, giving rise to the authentic spirit of high-quality design. The bed bench features a contemporary design, accentuated by gold brushing on its feet and a leather-covered cushion. With its unique craftsmanship rooted in the Brianza tradition, the Andres bench adds a distinctive and personal touch, completing a modern sleeping environment with great style.

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