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Atelier Night Table 00 (Website)
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Atelier Bedside Table

To Order Call 604. 558. 4888
Or email [email protected]

54 x 43 x 53 H (cm)
21.25″ x 16.9″ x 20.9″

Structure and top: MDF veneered walnut with covering in leather.
Drawers: Three drawers with leather application.
Seams: tone-on-tone, light thread, middle thread, dark thread.


Turri, an Italian luxury furniture brand with over 90 years of heritage, epitomizes meticulous craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Based in Brianza, Italy, Turri seamlessly merges traditional artisanal techniques with contemporary design, creating furniture pieces that exude sophistication and refinement. Using only the finest materials, such as sumptuous leather and rich woods, Turri’s collections encompass opulent sofas, refined dining sets, and exquisite accessories. Each piece reflects discerning taste and uncompromising luxury, enhancing interiors with an enduring sense of beauty and style.

The Atelier Bedside Tables, designed by Matteo Nunziati, stand as elegant additions to the bedside, completing the relaxation area with their meticulous attention to detail. Their flawless integration of shapes and materials is evident, showcasing a striking contrast between the smooth leather exterior and the rich walnut wood used for the top and interior.

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