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Blues Bed

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Depth: 236 cm, 93″
Height: 122 cm, 48″
Widths: 205 – 225 cm, 80.7″ – 88.5″

Solid wood and plywood.
Padding: Polyurethane foam in different densities.
Pre-upholstery: polyester wadding.
Upholstery: non-removable in leather or fabric.


The Blues Collection is a Series of Collections inspired by the rhythm and musicality of the blues to create a profound emotion, a passion, and to transfer into the world of design the same balance produced by distinct notes capable of harmonizing with each other through the pieces of the collection. Materials, finishes, shapes, and colours can all be used to create a cohesive furnishing concept that is ready to fulfil the tastes of new generations while also confirming the stylistic shift.

Blues Bed, is a genuine symbol of comfort and well-being, characterized by its fully padded and softness. The upholstery materials, offer a beautiful contrast of leathers and fabrics. The Blues bed comes in a variety of finishes, as shown in the sample booklets. The set also includes bedside tables, a dresser, and a dressing table, all of which feature a linear walnut wood construction with metal elements all carefully designed by Giuseppe Viganò.

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