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Claire Bookshelf

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Or email [email protected]

180 x 35 x 220 H (cm) / 70.87″ x  13.78″ x 86.6″ H 

Structure: Metal with leather details.
Shelving: shelves with American walnut wood. 


Ulivi is a leading Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs, made with love to guarantee a long-lasting lifetime. Every product by Ulivi Salotti goes much beyond its pure appearance and artistic beauty with maximum comfort. Their exclusively Italian leathers are born unique with true results of traditional craftsmanship, research, and experience. Some of their full grain leathers include Etrusco, Tuscany, Lance, Lotus, Grasse, Nabuk, River and Kashmir.

Claire Bookshelf is a unique and elegant bookshelf with leather strips fixed by hand along the frame creates a visual effect of great impact, underlined by the matt wax-polished brass structure. The effect combined with solid American walnut horizontal shelves creates a textural decoration on the wall, while also being a versatile display surface for books or décor items.

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