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Domus Bed

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Depth: 224 cm, 88″
Height: 110 cm, 43.3″
Widths: 195 – 215 cm, 76.7″ – 84.6″

Structure: Plywood and Solid wood.
Padding: Polyurethane foam in different densities.
Pre-upholstery: polyester wadding.
Upholstery: non-removable in leather or fabric.


Domus Collection is a Series of Collections of living, sleeping and dining exquisite pieces that are characterized by its balance, luxurious and elegance. A true design capable of fascinating at first glance, to be discovered in every detail and to be live in every element. All the collections can be completely covered in fabric or leather, alternatively by changing the base, it is possible to emphasize the contrast effect. The uniqueness of the Domus line is also evident in the elements with marble inserts. It demonstrates the distinctiveness of both the individual product and the full collection to be distinguished from its completely mono-material version. The warm hug of eucalyptus wood welcomes marble in all its frigid elegance to describe the exquisite fusion of these two natural and noble elements.

Domus Bed, is enriched by the line dedicated to the sleeping area. It features contemporary proportions and light, airy shapes. Enveloping volumes, unique details and precious materials come together to create a soothing atmosphere in which to enjoy the privacy of a truly personal space. The modern proportions and airy contours of the Domus bed. Curved and enveloping in shape, the headboard is distinguished by distinctive vertical seams that give it a singular appearance. The upholstery might be made of fabric, leather, or a combination of the two. The bed of the Domus collection is available in a variety of finishes, as shown in the sample booklets.

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