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Fanus Floor Lamp 00 (Website)
Fanus Floor Lamp 01 (Website)
Fanus Floor Lamp 02 (Website)
Fanus Floor Lamp 03 (Website)
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Fanus Floor Lamp

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196 x 240 H (cm); 77.16″ x 94.48″
Ø 27 x 44 H (cm); Ø 10.63″ x 17.32″ H
Ø 40; Ø 15.75″

Structure: Metal.
Base: Stone.
Lampshade: Murano glass or fabric.
Lighting body: transparent blown ribbed Murano glass.

Light source: Illuminator CC LED
Total power: 16,6W
Input Voltage (driver): 220-240V
Color temperature: 3000°K
Color Rendering Index: 80
Dimmer function: NO


Paolo Castelli is an Italian furniture brand that creates luxurious, high-quality furniture and design pieces for homes, hotels, and businesses. They specialize in creating products that are both functional and beautiful, using only the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship. Their offerings include seating, tables, lighting, storage, and accessories, and they also provide personalized interior design services. With a history dating back to 1958, Paolo Castelli is based in Tuscany, Italy, and has collaborated with many renowned architects and designers.

The Fanus Floor Lamp, designed by Paolo Castelli, is a lighting fixture intended to brighten up an area while also offering a cozy and private atmosphere. It utilizes an LED light source and presents a fresh interpretation of the lantern concept. The lamp features a transparent cylindrical glass body at its center, which emits the main light and comes with a lampshade option made of either fabric or Murano glass. The overall design of Fanus is enhanced by natural Cuoietto leather accents, giving it a modern and sophisticated look. It is available in pendant, floor, and table versions, with options for both cable and battery-powered operation.

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