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Filicudi chair 01 (website)
Filicudi chair 02 (website)
Filicudi chair 03 (website)
Filicudi chair 04 (website)
Filicudi chair 05 (website)
Filicudi chair 06 (website)
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Filicudi Chair

To Order Call 604. 558. 4888
Or email [email protected]

54 x 50 x 78 H (cm) / 24″ x 19.6″ x 30.7″ H

93 x 72 x 85 H (cm) / 36.6″ x 28″ x 33.4″ H


Color options:
Black-Brass / White-Brass / Balsam green-Brass


Qeeboo is an Italian next-generation brand by Stefano Giovannoni, creating design. Its products are emotional and narrative, and suitable for all. Far from traditional design imaginary, their uniqueness is based on the exploration of different visions of figurative art with a narrative approach, creating iconic objects with great emotional power. Extraordinary objects are created in a playful-narrative approach, with the collaboration of top international designers, combining different styles and characters.

The Filicudi Chair is based on the iconic Mediterranean plant; the prickly pear is the welcome symbol of its land, aimed at an audience that loves design and Mediterranean atmospheres, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Filicudi evokes unforgettable sceneries and special relaxing moments where the air is intense and full of light. Available in lounge chair and chair version.

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