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Grieta Table 00 (Website)
Grieta Table 01 (Website)
Grieta Table 02 (Website)
Grieta Table 03 (Website)
Grieta Table 04 (Website)
Grieta Table 05 (Website)
Grieta Table 06 (Website)
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Grieta Table

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Ø 160 x 75 H (cm); Ø 67″ x  29.5″ H
Base: Ø 57 (cm); Ø 22.44″

Top: Ceramic, col. Sage, Terracotta, Ocean, Grey.
Base: Single-fired fine porcelain stoneware, ceramic, monolith epergnes, or stone.
Under-top: MDF, glossy lacquered in matching color.


Paolo Castelli is an Italian furniture brand that creates luxurious, high-quality furniture and design pieces for homes, hotels, and businesses. They specialize in creating products that are both functional and beautiful, using only the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship. Their offerings include seating, tables, lighting, storage, and accessories, and they also provide personalized interior design services. With a history dating back to 1958, Paolo Castelli is based in Tuscany, Italy, and has collaborated with many renowned architects and designers.

The Grieta Table, designed by Vittorio Paradiso, is a functional table that showcases its artistic beauty through its essential and simple forms. The name “Grieta,” meaning “cleft” in Spanish, signifies the table’s ability to turn interruptions in continuity into an opportunity for exploring the potential of ceramics, its primary material. The table features a bell-shaped base with an irregular surface, which can be crafted from glazed ceramic or Vicenza stone. With its contemporary design, the Grieta table provides a sophisticated and effortless addition to the dining area, creating a space for sharing and socializing. The clean and essential design of the tabletop further enhances its overall aesthetic.

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