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Milano Sectional

To Order Call 604. 558. 4888
Or email [email protected]

121″ x 41″ x 33″ H

Fabric Cover: Cream Polyester Blend
Metal Legs: Pewter Finished


Alberta, was founded in 1978 in Italy’s northeast. Luxury, contemporary, and design. The products are the result of research into distinctive styling by architects and designers. Timeless classic or modern styling. Authentic artisan skill combined with original ideas and fresh perspectives, functionality, and style. Quality materials, attention to detail and finishing, ceaseless research, intelligent innovation, advanced technology, certified industrial manufacturing, and genuine commitment to protecting the environment.

Milano Sectional, a modern piece embraces and expresses the most genuine, topical aspirations in modern interior décor. Along with quality, which is an absolute, foregone value, the key features of this collection are: innovative, original designs with clean lines; customization assured by real freedom of choice and interpretation; guaranteed visual and physical comfort and pleasure. We open our treasure chest of solutions. Everyone will find their own world inside it.

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