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Modular Day System 00 (Website)
Modular Day System 01 (Website)
Modular Day System 02 (Website)
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Modular Day System

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Their shape and size are fully customizable, allowing you to choose the solution that best suits your needs. Please contact the store to discuss all the possibilities.

Structure: Solid American walnut wood structure.
Detail: Embossed painted black metal end caps.
Shelving: shelves with glass and leather inserts.


Ulivi is a leading Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs, made with love to guarantee a long-lasting lifetime. Every product by Ulivi Salotti goes much beyond its pure appearance and artistic beauty with maximum comfort. Their exclusively Italian leathers are born unique with true results of traditional craftsmanship, research, and experience. Some of their full-grain leathers include; Etrusco, Tuscany, Lance, Lotus, Grasse, Nabuk, River, and Kashmir.

The Modular Day System, meticulously crafted by Castello Lagravinese, epitomizes elegance through its exquisite materials. The uprights, enveloped in luxurious leather or solid wood, offer a remarkable blend of refinement and adaptability, allowing shelves and chests of drawers to be arranged according to individual preferences. The shelves boast a distinctive design that imbues each room composition with an airy and graceful ambiance. For an added touch of opulence and allure, LED lights can be optionally integrated within the shelves, further enhancing the allure of this exceptional modular system. Whether adorned in leather or wood, the shelves seamlessly embody the signature style of the company.

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