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Monolith Sideboard

To Order Call 604. 558. 4888
Or email [email protected]

78¾”  × 18½”  × 29½” H

Glass /ceramic / Wood

Three storage compartments.
Frame available in various ceramic finishes.
Structure available in a variety of wood color options.
Manufactured in Italy.


Naos Action Design is a project born from a unique vision of industrial design, with a central quest for movement. Naos offers extendable tables & coffee tables able to transform in shape through original moving mechanisms, some equipped with remote and wireless controls.  Allowing a wide range of movements in the living space, such as extending, shifting the tops in different directions, raising or dropping, opening or closing with a simple gesture.

Monolith Sideboard, is a three door sideboard in wood with top and doors covered in ceramic. Internal shelves in glass. Hinge with automatic opening system and closing lock. Perfect for any contemporary home and works as a very practical storage unit. Monolith Sideboard is easily customizable. Choose between different ceramic options for the frame and various wood finishes for the structure.

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