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P47 Stool 00 (Website)
P47 Stool 01 (Website)
P47 Stool 02 (Website)
P47 Stool 03 (Website)
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P47 Stool

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Or email [email protected]

Counter Stool:
58 x 49 x 84 H (cm); Seat Height: 65 (cm)
22.8” x 19.3” x 33.1” H; Seat Height: 25.6”
Bar Stool:
58 x 49 x 94 H (cm); Seat Height: 75 (cm)
22.8” x 19.3” x 37” H; Seat Height: 29.5”
Stool Pedestal Base:
58 x 46 x 86-100 H (cm); Seat Height: 64-78 (cm)
22.8” x 18.1” x 33.9”-39.4” H; Seat Height: 25.2”-30.7” 

Structure: four legs in metal finish. Swivel and height-adjustable stool base in metal finish.
Backrest: made of TK hide or Tuscan hide.
Seat: Upholstered in fabric, leather, or faux leather.


MIDJ is an Italian furniture company founded in 1987, known for its contemporary and innovative designs. They specialize in producing high-quality chairs, tables, stools, and other seating solutions that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. Their focus on functionality and aesthetics makes their furniture suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

The P47 Stool, designed by Franco Poli for MIDJ, features a metal cantilever base, with a backrest made of TK hide or Tuscan hide, and a seat upholstered in various materials, such as hide, faux leather, fabric, or customer’s fabric. Its wraparound design blends comfort and aesthetics. It comes in two heights to suit different needs. In workspaces, it adds style and functionality with adjustable height and a footrest, and the monochrome base allows for unique color combinations.

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