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Rabbit chair- with light 04
Rabbit chair- with light 03
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Rabbit Lamp


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Rabbit chair size:

27” x 15.55” x 31.50” H; Seat height: 17.72” H

Baby rabbit chair size:
17.85” x 10.31” x 20.75” H; Seat height: 11.81” H

Rabbit XS lamp size:
8” x 4.5” x 9” H

Materials: PE-Polyethylene
Colors: White (LED light, 16 colors RGB)
Wireless, with a rechargeable battery and remote control.




Qeeboo is an Italian next-generation brand by Stefano Giovannoni, creating design since 2016, . Its products are emotional and narrative, and suitable for all. Far from traditional design imaginary, their uniqueness is based on the exploration of different visions of figurative art with a narrative approach, creating iconic objects with great emotional power. Extraordinary objects are created in a playful-narrative approach, with the collaboration of top international designers, combining different styles and characters. 

The Rabbit Chair , designed by Stefano Giovanonni, immediately became a pop icon. Sit by leaning against the ears or ride it and rest your forearms on its ears. The Rabbit Chair has a double variation, for adults and for kids. 
Also the Rabbit Lamp is a variation of the Rabbit Chair and adds with its unique design a touch of personality to any home environment. The Rabbit Lamp can be used as a light source and a chair. The illuminated version is wireless, with a rechargeable battery, LED light, and 16 different interchangeable RGB colors.