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Roma Coffee Table 00 (Website)
Roma Coffee Table 01 (Website)
Roma Coffee Table 02 (Website)
Roma Coffee Table 03 (Website)
Roma Sofa 02 (Website)
Roma Sofa 03 (Website)
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Roma Coffee Table

To Order Call 604. 558. 4888
Or email [email protected]

Option A: Ø 100 x 39 H (cm); Ø 39.37″ x 15.35″ H
Option B: Ø 120 x 28 H (cm); Ø 47.24″ x  11.02″ H
Side Table: Ø 55 x 50 H (cm); Ø 21.65″ x 19.68″ H

Structurein MDF and plywood covered in leather.
Top: in extra-clear tempered glass.
Decorative top: in marble or covered in leather.


The Roma Collection by Monica Armani for Turri is inspired by Italian architecture, featuring rounded arches as a symbol of harmonious perfection. This collaboration combines aesthetics, innovation, and tradition, resulting in a range of sleep area furniture with soft and elegant lines. The collection showcases Turri’s expertise in manufacturing, incorporating modern patterns as decorations on lacquered wood or embroidered leather, reinterpreting the brand’s historical ornamentation.

The Roma Coffee Tables, with a rounded design that distinguishes the collection, present themselves at different heights giving a sample choice of customization of the environment. The marble top is supported by a base covered in leather.

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