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Roshi Table

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Rectangular Top:
200 x 100 x 75 H (cm); 78.74” x 39.37” x 29.52” H
240 x 110 x 75 H (cm); 94.48” x 43.3” x 29.52” H
280 x 120 x 75 H (cm); 110.23” x 47.24” x 29.52” H
Oval-Shaped Top:
240 x 110 x 75 H (cm); 94.48” x 43.3” x 29.52” H

Structure: Metal base, available in different colors.
Top: Ceramic, wooden, metal, or lacquered glass.
Ceramic Top Options: Calacatta White, Statuary, Nero Marquinia, Étoile crema, Thundernight, Cipollino, Verde Aver.
Lacquered Glass Top Option: Black, White.
Wooden Top Options: American Walnut, Smoked Oak, Natural Oak, Black Ash.
Metal Top Options: Pewter, Bronze, Aged Copper.


Ronda Design, established in 2009 in the province of Vicenza, Italy,  is a laboratory of design and product development creating innovative, aesthetically unique, and functional products for interesting and functional living. Challenging conventional thinking in terms of shapes, materials, patterns, and colors by playing with its elements. Ronda Design has become a well-known brand in the field of avant-garde furnishing. The company works in collaboration with important designers and emerging designers and produces pieces of furniture using unconventional materials and finishing.

The Roshi Table, skillfully crafted by the renowned designer Gino Carollo, features a unique arrangement of metal U and C supports that offer versatile combinations (either 2 C supports or 1 U support, and 1 C support). Moreover, each support can be easily secured to the frame by rotating it around the vertical axis, providing four distinct positions for added flexibility.

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