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Seoul Dining Table 00 (Website)
Seoul Dining Table 01 (Website)
Seoul Dining Table 02 (Website)
Seoul Dining Table 03 (Website)
Seoul Dining Table 04 (Website)
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Seoul Dining Table

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Or email [email protected]

240 x 110 x 74 H (cm)
94.5” x 43.3” x 29.13” H

Structure and Top: Heat-treated mocha-stained oak wood.
Details: Champagne metal finish.
Special on request: Chrome, bronzed, black chrome, gold metal finish.


Zanaboni Edizioni is a branch of the renowned Italian furniture brand, Zanaboni, specializing in creating exclusive and limited edition furniture pieces. Known for its emphasis on craftsmanship and artistic details, Zanaboni Edizioni produces high-end, artisanal furniture with unique and intricate designs. Their creations feature hand-carved details, precious materials, and exquisite finishes, resulting in elegant, luxurious, and timeless furniture pieces.

The Seoul Modern Dining Table exhibits a unique design with a meticulously crafted metal base, available in a polished bronze or chrome finish. Inspired by avant-garde architectural wonders, the table’s base reflects a contemporary aesthetic. Select from two options for the marble top: oval or circular. This refined table is constructed using mocha-stained, heat-treated oak, embodying an elegant modern design infused with premium materials and employing time-honored artisan techniques. Its compact, geometric design signifies a modern evolution of mid-century modernism.

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