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Zero Sleeping_Bench 00 (Website)
Zero Sleeping_Bench 01 (Website)
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Zero Bench

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61 1/32″ x 17 23/32″ x 16 35/64″ H;
155 x 45 x 42 H (cm)

Structure: Plywood padded with Polyurethane foam.
Cushions: Polyurethane foam.
Pre-upholstery: Polyester wadding.
Non-removable in fabric or leather.


Zero Sleeping Collection, has been designed to match a cosmopolitan and modern taste. Once again, clean forms and a specific selection of materials are sufficient to create sober and sophisticated pieces. The minimal and geometric structure is clad in leather, with metal accents in a light platinum finish for the bedside tables, the chest of drawers and the Dressing table whereas the bed has softer lines and the different depths of the headboard, the pouf and the bench become evident.

Zero Bench, has a contemporary taste, its round volume enhances the sitting comfort. Fully upholstered, this bench can be covered in fabric or leather to better match different type of environment. Available in different coverings included in our collection.

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