Turri-Berline Apartment

Turri-Berline Apartment

The vibrant and dynamic spirit of Berlin was the inspiring starting point for our custom furnishing project, aimed at giving this contemporary residence a sense of unified and exclusive style.

Location: Berlin, Germany,
Type: Residential
Dimension:500 sqm
Furnishings:Custom made and standard

Through meticulous selection of materials, textures, and colors, Turri’s latest interior design venture showcases the refined and contemporary essence of a modern Berlin building. Each area is furnished with customized pieces, lending an elegant and inviting charm to the space. Designer furniture from various collections seamlessly ties the rooms together, creating a fluid and sophisticated atmosphere.

The living area is envisioned as a spacious and luminous retreat, where elements and textures blend harmoniously to evoke a contemporary ambiance. Here, a tailored Drum sofa and two Drum armchairs in complementary colors define the space, seamlessly transitioning into a dining area adorned with a long Domus table, surrounded by plush, light-colored upholstered chairs.

In the sleeping quarters, the Domus bed takes center stage, transforming the master bedroom into a cozy sanctuary. Its curved and enveloping design, accentuated by original vertical seams, establishes a harmonious dialogue with the surrounding furnishings, completing the space with finesse.

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