Turri-Milano Apartment

Turri-Milano Apartment

In Milan, the design capital, beauty seems to permeate every corner. Creativity and art seamlessly weave into daily life, enriching various facets of the city.

Location: Milan, Italy
Dimension:300 sqm
Furnishings: Custom made and standard

Turri took on the interior furnishing of this sophisticated apartment in Milan, blending the exclusive contemporary style of its collections with the captivating essence of the historical building. The expansive windows in the living area impart a sense of openness and spaciousness. Soft light cascades into the interiors, accentuating the refinement of precious materials like marble and wood, as well as the meticulous details of Turri’s bespoke furniture, tailored to the client’s style and preferences.

By harmonizing carefully chosen materials, textures, and visual and tactile comforts with functionality and versatility, Turri expertly interpreted the client’s desires in this project. The result? Elegant interiors for their Milanese apartment, characterized by serene and refined tones, punctuated by accent pieces in vibrant contrasting colors.

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