Turri-Private Villa

Turri-Private Villa

This project truly embodies the owner’s love for contemporary design, boasting spacious interiors adorned with unique decorative touches. The villa is divided into areas perfect for socializing and others for quiet retreats. Spread over two floors and sitting on 2.5 acres of land, the home features large windows that offer stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Location: New Delhi, India
Type: Residential
Furnishings: Custom made and standard

The living area is a welcoming open space where the living room seamlessly flows into the dining area. At the center of it all is the Vine sofa, a standout piece known for its versatility thanks to its modular design. The warm, earthy colors complement the villa’s modern style perfectly. In the dining area, pieces from the Vine collection blend effortlessly with the overall aesthetic.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is designed with elegance and comfort in mind. The Zero bed, in soothing shades of ash blue, adds a touch of sophistication. Overlooking the walk-in closet, a spacious area designed to be both functional and stylish, the bedroom is the epitome of luxury living.

Turri meticulously brought this project to life, paying close attention to the client’s needs and the villa’s modern vibe. The result? An interior design project that strikes the perfect balance between elegance, refinement, and practicality.

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