Butterfly Dining Table

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Top: varies stone finishes including granite, marble, onyx, travertine, also comes in wood top.
Base: stone base, stainless steel base, wood finish in matte and lacquered.
Rectangular shape: 71” x 42” x 29” H; (180cm x 106cm x 74cm H);
79” x 42” x 29” H (200cm x 106cm x 74cm H);
87” x 42” x 29”H (220cm x 106cm x 74cm H);

Round shape: DIAM 59” x 29” H ( DIA 150cm x 74cm H);
DIA 63” x 29” H (DIA 160cm x 74cm H);

Oval shape: 79” x 42” x 29”H (200cm x 106cm x 74cm H)


Butterfly dining table is a very flexible table being able to have different finishes for the top and base also different shapes and sizes.