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Rabbit chair 03 (website)
Rabbit chair- with light 003 (website)
Rabbit chair- with light 05 (website)
Rabbit chair 02 (website)
Rabbit chair 01 (website)
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Rabbit Chair

To Order Call 604. 558. 4888
Or email [email protected]

Materials: PE-Polyethylene
Rabbit chair size,

Dimensions: 27” x 15.55” x 31.50”H,

Seat height: 11.81”H

Baby rabbit chair size,

Dimensions: 17.85” x 10.31” x 20.75”H

Seat height: 17.72”H

Solid color options: light blue, violet, pink, white, light grey, grey, dove grey, balsam green, orange.

Velvet color options: fuchsia, dark gold, orange, violet, red.

Metal Color options: gold, copper, silver, titanium, black pearl.


Designer: Stefano Giovannoni

The “Rabbit Chair” is the last creation that came out from Stefano Giovannoni’s magic hat, that becomes a family of products with a strong communicative media power. The idea of the rabbit comes from the connection between its silhouette and the silhouette of a chair, where the rabbit’s ears become the setback of the chair. It has a double variation, for adults and for kids, and there is also a third version, illuminated, that can be a lamp. Young and old people can sit down and lean the back against rabbit’s ears or on the opposite side, riding it and leaning the arms on its ears. The rabbit is a gentle animal, lovable and tender. In Western and Eastern culture it symbolizes love and fertility, it is a sweet and auspicious object that brings good fortune and good wishes.