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Egg Dining Table

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240 x 120 x 74  H (cm)
94.5″ x 47.3″ x 29.13″ H

Structure: Metal structure in champagne orbital satin finished.
Top: Vicenza stone sandblasted col. grey or honed col. ivory with macrofossils.
Details: Metal col. Champagne matt.


Paolo Castelli is an Italian furniture brand that creates luxurious, high-quality furniture and design pieces for homes, hotels, and businesses. They specialize in creating products that are both functional and beautiful, using only the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship. Their offerings include seating, tables, lighting, storage, and accessories, and they also provide personalized interior design services. With a history dating back to 1958, Paolo Castelli is based in Tuscany, Italy, and has collaborated with many renowned architects and designers.

The Egg Dining Table features a metal frame with a champagne-colored finish, adorned with an orbital satin texture. The table top is crafted from Vicenza stone, available in a sandblasted col. gray or honed col. ivory finish and it is further enhanced with macrofossils. Additionally, the top is embellished with a matte champagne-colored metal insert, adding to its overall aesthetic appeal.

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